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Shoes-World offers a variety of accessories for your trade business at the wholesale prices, in addition to our wide range of clothing, footwear and haberdashery. Sometimes packaging can take more time than planned; so courier envelopes are the perfect choice for faster order processing. You can be sure that the Shoes-World price will be good and the delivery costs will not be high.

Wholesale Courier Envelopes

Courier envelopes allow for the faster packaging of deliveries, as it usually takes just a few seconds. It is difficult to define the time that can be spent using paper packaging. Courier envelopes may be the perfect time-saving solution. The courier envelopes offered at Shoes-World are sold at wholesale prices, which are significantly lower than elsewhere. To buy the courier envelopes, the procedure is the same as for other goods: just log into your Shoes-World account, and submit your order. The low prices of the courier envelopes are only available for registered users, and the minimum value of an order should be EUR 50.

Envelope Sizes

Currently, Shoes-World offers several sizes of courier envelopes. The sizes range from 280 x 350 mm and 340 x 420 mm, to 400 x 480 mm and 460 x 580 mm. The size to be selected, of course, depends on the products your shop is selling; however, we recommend selecting at least two sizes of courier envelopes. Then, if you have large orders, there will be no need to worry about packaging since it will take just a few seconds.

Universal Envelopes

Whatever your shipping practices are, be it a courier service, a parcel machine service or the regular postal service, the Shoes-World envelopes will be the perfect solution since they have no logos or entries inconsistent with the parcel service requirements. Recently, the Lithuanian postal service changed its rules for parcelling: consignments today may be packed into special padded envelopes or boxes, or be sent as paper-wrapped parcels, but no other materials may be used. Therefore, the Shoes-World universal envelopes may assist in avoiding any confusion. Also, the weight of a courier envelope is significantly lower than that of a box, which plays an important role when the parcel weight and the delivery costs are of relevance.

Fast and Convenient Delivery

Like our other goods, the Shoes-World envelopes will be sent to you by a courier service, with a delivery time of three to four days. Once we receive the payment for your selected goods, your order will be processed for shipment to the indicated address. The delivery costs are always the same, i.e. EUR 9 for orders weighing less than 31 kilograms. You can also be sure that it will not take long for your order to safely reach the indicated destination. At Shoes-World, we try to refresh our assortment as often as possible. Thus, in the near future, the Shoes-World choice of accessories at the wholesale prices will expand. By selecting the Shoes-World courier envelopes, you can arrange your activities in a more convenient and easier way, as well as processing your orders for shipment more quickly. The courier envelopes are durable, suit different shipment methods, and allow for quicker packaging. Therefore, the accessories at the wholesale prices Shoes-World offers may be really useful for your online trade business and for the delivery of your goods.