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Classic men's shoes are ideal for wearing every day: for going to work, or for matching with party clothes. Every man simply must have a pair of classic shoes, so the wholesaler Shoes-World offers a wide range of classic men's shoes at the low prices. Even the fussiest customer can be certain of finding the most appropriate footwear to match with a variety of clothing at Shoes-World. The quality of the men's shoes at Shoes-World will serve more than one season, provided that you ensure the proper maintenance of your shoes. The footwear offered in the Shoes-World online shop is always of a very high quality, and it is also important for us that the price of the Shoes-World classic shoes is always low.

How to Choose Classic Shoes

It is not as complicated to choose the right classic shoes as it might seem. The main thing is that the shoes are of a high quality, the ideal size, and of course, the right shoe model. The colour of classic men's shoes is usual brown or black, so it is really not very difficult to select the right shoes. For shoes that will last for a long time, Shoes-World recommends choosing leather shoes, which are perfect for practically all seasons. The men's shoes offered on the Shoes-World website can be sorted according to the popularity of the footwear or the price, and you can also sort the classic shoes according to which shoes arrived the most recently. This simple sorting process will help you to quickly choose the most suitable shoes, whether you are looking for classic shoes for your own use or you are engaged in the retail trade of shoes. As the wholesaler, Shoes-World always offers the most appropriate footwear to satisfy the needs of every man.

Caring for Classic Shoes

Although the classic shoes may be of the highest quality, it is always important to provide proper shoe care. Shoe care consists of three stages: shoe cleaning, polishing and impregnation. It is always important to impregnate brand new shoes immediately, and Shoes-World advises doing this three or four times. After returning from outdoors, it is always important to clean classic shoes, and if the shoes really are dirty, unlace the shoelace and wash them (you can even do this in a washing machine). Shoe polishing can be done using different agents: waxes, shoe polish and gels are all perfect. All of these are means of softening the leather, which protects it from cracking and makes the footwear much more durable. Shoes-World recommends impregnating the shoes at least once a week, because this will protect the shoes from salt and moisture. In some cases, domestic agents can be perfect, such as polishing the classic shoes with household oil. Its effect will be the same as any other agents that are used to polish shoes.

Etiquette Rules

Sometimes men have questions about how classic men's shoes should be worn, and in this case it is important to follow certain rules of etiquette. One of the most common questions is what socks should be worn with black or brown shoes, and here it is important to remember an important rule: the colour of the socks should not match the shoes, but the colour of the trousers. Shoes-World is often asked which colour of suit looks best with brown classic shoes. If the shoes are quite dark, they will perfectly go with a grey or a blue suit. Brown classic shoes are generally a better choice for creating various outfit combinations than black classic shoes. Belts should always match the shoe colour. People also often ask how the shoelaces should be laced. If the clothing is formal, only the = lacing form is appropriate, whereas the X lacing form is better suited to informal clothing.