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Dresses are one of the most practical women's garments, which can be worn all year round. The choice of dresses offered on the Shoes-World website is really huge: from everyday use to different occasions. The dresses are sold online at Shoes-World at wholesale prices, so you will be able to offer dresses to your buyer at low price. On the Shoes-World website, you just need to buy shoes and clothing for an amount not less than EUR 50, choosing from the different models of dresses and other clothes that are the most interesting for you. If you want to supplement your range of retail clothing at wholesale prices, Shoes-World sells dresses that will really suit this purpose perfectly. One thing's for sure –you can find the most suitable items from a selection of many dresses, and you will quickly be able to place your order.

Evening Dresses

Evening dresses at Shoes-World are perfect if you are planning to attend a formal party, a graduation celebration, a wedding or a similar event. You will quickly see that the evening dresses offered at Shoes-World are among the most favourable styles, and a new dress may even cost you less than a dress rental. Evening dresses are popular in all seasons: in the winter there is Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, and other parties are celebrated; and during the summer you may often have to go to weddings, graduations, etc. Additionally, if you are engaged in retail sales of clothing, it is worthwhile shopping at Shoes-World, because you will then be able to offer your buyers evening dresses at low prices.

Casual Dresses

Casual dresses can be worn every day. You just need to select the dress models that are sufficiently comfortable and that are also practical. Casual dresses are usually made of knitted fabrics, whose composition is quite natural. This allows the skin to breathe and makes a woman feel really comfortable. At Shoes-World, casual dresses of various colours and patterns at wholesale prices will always be available for not only retail buyers but also for your own needs. When a woman is asked how many dresses she has, the most common answer is quite simply “a few”. Thus, casual dresses are always one of the most marketable types of clothes. On the Shoes-World website we also offer sport dresses that are perfect for leisure activities. The sport dresses are very comfortable, and they will provide you with the maximum freedom of movement, whatever activity you take part in.

Short Dresses

Short dresses are usually chosen for the summer time, as they make it easier for women to endure the heat. The assortment of dresses on the Shoes-World website is really huge, so every woman can choose their favourite dress models. It does not matter about your figure type, as you can always find the most suitable dress at Shoes-World to emphasise the beauty of your legs. It is said that a little black dress should be found in every woman's closet, because such a dress can be combined with different accessories, and this allows for a great deal of clothing combinations. Of course, the dress does not have to be black, and dresses of various other colours can also help you to create suitable clothing combinations.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses can be the best choice for women which are not happy about the shape of her legs. Currently, maxi dresses are one of the most fashionable styles, and may suit women with different figures very well. These dresses perfectly fit women of any figure, and if you do not want to cover your legs up, you can also choose skirts which are translucent from halfway down the thighs. Maxi dresses are ideal for both tall and short women; you just need to match the dress with the right shoes. Maxi dresses are also perfect for the beach and for various celebrations, and at Shoes-World we will offer you a huge assortment of different dress models to choose from.