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High heels are the shoes that are the most difficult for women to resist. High heels may also be the most appropriate footwear when you want to appear confident or to look astonishing. Various models of high-heeled shoes can be worn at work every day, or on exceptional occasions. Shoes-World recommends having at least a few pairs of high heels which are prefect to wear every day or on special days. At Shoes-World, you will see a huge assortment of high heels at wholesale prices, allowing you to discover your favourite items, and you will also be able to order the shoes really quickly.

How to Choose High Heels-

At the Shoes-World website, the footwear can be sorted according to certain categories. You can choose to sort the high-heeled shoes by size, colour or price, and this will certainly allow you to find the shoes you are looking for more quickly. It does not matter whether you are looking for shoes for trading purposes, or would like to buy high-heeled shoes for yourself, you can always find a huge assortment of high-heeled shoes at Shoes-World, and can buy the shoes within a few moments at low prices. Various models of high-heeled shoes enable you to choose the pairs of shoes which you would really like. At Shoes- World, you will certainly find the shoes you are looking for and at wholesale prices.

Did you Know That- ...

The first high-heeled shoes appeared in ancient Egypt in 3500 BC. They were worn to protect the legs. High heels were won by butchers and by nobility, and were not exclusively for women. Research shows that the average woman has ... about 27 pairs of shoes. Is that enough- Definitely not! It's rare that a woman would answer that she has too many shoes. Men usually have fewer pairs of shoes - only 12, or even less. I wonder if this figure includes slippers too- High-heeled shoes were extremely popular in Paris in the eighteenth-century, and their height was really hard to imagine – some women needed sticks so that they could lean on the ground more firmly. This is what fashion demands! When do women first start wearing high heels- Today, the average age is about 12 years. Yes, girls mature much earlier nowadays, and their curiosity to try some “adult” fashions has an influence. When should a woman stop wearing high heels- On average, one should stop wearing high heels at the age of 63. Around 15% of all women have more than 30 pairs of high heel shoes. After all, you need to be prepared for each day of the month, don't you- Also, 13% of women conceal from their spouses that they have purchased a new pair of high heels. When asked whether they are wearing new shoes, they usually respond “no, this is an old pair of shoes”. However, if you buy high-heeled shoes in the Shoes-World store, you will not need to lie to your husband, as you can buy the shoes at the best available price. High heels can improve a woman's posture. However, it is important to choose high heel shoes of the right height and to ensure that your feet are in the correct position. Shoes with heels will encourage you to square your shoulders, so a woman will rarely walk crookedly, and this is certainly an important advantage of these shoes. High heels also visually add a little (or maybe even a whole lot of) height, so ... you look slimmer! For most women, it is difficult to find enough space in the house to store all of their high-heeled shoes. Most women dream of a closet that could accommodate every pair of high heels, as well as all of our other shoes and clothing. Doctors usually recommend to wearing shoes whose heel is not higher than 5 cm. However, the average height of high heels is 7.5 cm. Of course, much higher high heels can be worn on special occasions, but it is important not to go overboard and to choose what is really comfortable for you. Did you know which high-heeled shoes are the most expensive- They were created in 1989, for the 50th anniversary of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. The shoes were decorated with rubies and diamonds, and the price of these high heels reached $3 million.