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Casual shoes may be of many different styles: walking shoes, running shoes, or shoes for other various sports and activities. When choosing casual shoes the level of comfort always matters, so this is the most important feature to take into consideration. As a wholesaler, Shoes-World offers a wide choice of casual shoes, so you can quickly select the footwear that best suits your needs. If you are a footwear retailer, we may also assist in supplementing the assortment in your shop by offering a huge variety in our casual shoes categories at the wholesale price. The prices of the shoes that Shoes-World offers are always low, so your clients will also be able to buy casual shoes at the low prices. Irrespective of diminishing difference between the seasons in Lithuania, everyone still needs a variety of casual shoes, with suitable footwear that depends on the way you spend your free time.

Sport Shoes for Leisure Activities

Casual outfits are usually associated with sports. Nonetheless, even if you are not fond of sports, sport shoes can still be a perfect choice. They are excellent for outdoor walking, active games, dog walking and many other activities. Young people also prefer sport shoes for everyday use, or even for going to lessons if this is not prohibited by the rules of a specific school. Why not- After all, sport shoes are the most comfortable type of footwear. Sport shoes are also a good solution for any job entailing physical work, working in a standing position or work which requires a lot of movement. It is important to take care of yourself in order to feel as healthy as possible, and the shoes that Shoes-World offers can guarantee this.

Casual Urban Shoes

So-called urban shoes are casual shoes designed for those who have a busy schedule, and who may be rushing from one place to another across a city all day long. The style of urban shoes is closer to classic footwear than to sport styles, but they are nevertheless flat or have a very low heel. Casual urban shoes are perfect for working in a standing position or work which requires a lot of walking or driving. Urban shoes are good both for leisure and work, so you can always select a universal type of footwear that may be used for a variety of occasions.

The Most Popular Footwear

If you are finding the decision about which casual shoes may sell the most in your shop to be complicated, you may simply choose the most popular Shoes-World footwear. Popularity changes with each season, so it is good to check which casual shoes are the most in-demand at any particular time. As a wholesaler, Shoes-World can assist you in selecting an assortment of shoes that will be loved by your potential customers. We also try to supplement our range of shoes as often as possible, so you can keep track of the Shoes-World news and always be the first to learn about our new arrivals. As a wholesaler, Shoes-World takes care to ensure our customers can find everything they need, so just rely on us and you can then determine your own range of products that look really attractive. The choice of casual shoes that Shoes-World offers is always wide, so you can choose to sort the shoes by the categories that fit your interests, making your selection even easier.

How to Place an Order-

Create an account in the Shoes-World online shop, and then you can start to select shoes in boxes or in pairs. You will see the wholesale prices of the shoes when you are logged in, and can put your selected casual shoes into the e-basket. After your selection is completed, the order may be placed and a relevant payment made. Once Shoes-World receives your order and the payment for the shoes, the products will be packed for delivery by a courier service to the indicated address. The order of casual shoes will reach you in approximately 3-4 days, and when it reaches Lithuania, the courier service will contact you to arrange the most convenient time for the delivery.