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Shoes-World offers footwear and clothes not only for adults, but also for children. The kids' clothes in our online store will enable you to significantly supplement the assortment in your shop and to offer your own customers clothes for their children. We continuously supplement our assortment, so you can always find the most suitable items that are consistent with your overall clothing range.

Kids' Clothes at a Wholesale Price

The kids' clothes in the Shoes-World online shop is all offered at wholesale prices, allowing you to expand your range of clothes at the low prices. After registering on the Shoes-World site, the wholesale prices will become available online, and immediately afterwards you can make your selection by putting the kids' clothes into the e-basket. All of the wholesale prices are displayed without VAT, and the final value of your e-basket will be given after you have placed an order. You will also see the delivery cost, which is usually EUR 9 for orders that weigh less than 31 kilograms.

Wide Choice of Kids' Clothes

The kids' clothes you are interested in may be found by selecting specific categories: stockings, jeans or trousers. Using these categories will allow you to find the necessary goods much faster, while the groupings will also help you to find the preferred sizes, colours and low prices. The clothes for children can also be sorted by the most popular items or the newest items. If you are not sure about the demand for a specific item of clothing, it may be a good idea to choose the most popular goods, or he lowest-priced clothes in the case of a limited budget.

Fast Deliveries

Selecting and ordering from wholesaler Shoes-World is possible at any time. The orders will then be confirmed on the nearest day after the receipt of your payment. You may buy kids' clothing not only for commercial purposes, but also for your personal needs. The Shoes-World online shop offers men's, women's and kids' clothes, so it is the perfect place to shop for your entire family at the wholesale prices.

Stock is Continuously Refreshed

We continuously refresh the Shoes-World assortment of kids' clothing with the newest models, so subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to receive the latest news. Since shopping online is very simple, you may regularly supplement your range of goods with new models of clothes for children, with the only requirement being that the minimum value of the order amounts to EUR 50. This amount may be spent by ordering several different models of clothes for children or a larger number of the same model, depending on your needs.

Fast and Convenient Delivery

The kids' clothing will be sent by a courier service from Germany, with the deliveries arriving in 3-4 business days. When the children's clothes reach your country, you will be contacted by the courier service to agree on the most convenient time for delivery. The delivery might take more time if you select a payment by bank transfer, since the payment will take two business days to go through. However, right after Shoes-World receives your payment, your order will be processed for sending. Deliveries from other wholesalers usually take longer; but we try to deliver your clothing orders as quickly as possible, and process the orders on the same day as the payment is received.