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Women's coats are designed for various seasons. On the Shoes-World website you will find a large choice of different models of women's coats to suit any requirements. The prices of the women's coats sold at Shoes-World is always low, so you can either supplement your own range of goods, or even buy a new coat for your own needs at low prices. In either case, you will have a wholesale price applied to the women's coats. Only registered users can see the wholesale prices of women's coats. Internet users who do not have an account on the Shoes-World website can only see our catalogue of shoes and clothing. The women's coats offered on the Shoes-World website are of many different types, and are designed for various seasons, so are certain to discover the best coats from an abundant rage of models.


Raincoats are designed for the warm season of the year when the weather can often become chilly, or if there is a cold rain. Raincoats are generally made of a relatively thin material that is resistant to moisture, so they prevent the woman from feeling discomfort even during the dullest weather. Shoes-World offers raincoats that are short and similar to a jacket, as well as quite long raincoats that may reach a woman's knees or cover half of her thighs. Depending on what clothes your raincoat is going to be worn with, a woman can certainly select the most suitable models on the Shoes-World website. Any type of raincoat can be worn with jeans, but it is better to match longer raincoats with skirts and dresses, as these will cover the legs and will not allow a woman to become cold, even during heavy rain.

Half-length Coats

Half-length coats are short coats that are usually selected for autumn or spring. Half-length women's coats can be of very different models, so you will find a huge assortment of such garments on the Shoes-World website. Shoes-World customers are able to choose the most suitable half-length coats by sorting the clothes into categories, according to their interests. The half-length coats can be sorted by different colours, sizes and prices to help you find the clothes you are looking for on the Shoes-World website more quickly. This convenient sorting of the coats will allow you to quickly decide which half-length coats are the best choices for you, and you can easily place your Shoes-World order.

Wraparound Coats

Wraparound coats are currently one of the most fashionable models, and it should be said that these are very convenient and practical garments, particularly as the sizes are almost universal. Wraparound coats can also help to mask different defects in a woman's figure, and they are perfect for pregnant women (it is not a secret that it is not easy to find the right clothes during the pregnancy period). There is a wide choice of wraparound coats on the Shoes-World website, so you can always find the most suitable coat models at low prices. Wraparound coats are also very practical, because you do not need to bother about buttons, which can sometimes tear loose, or about your clothes catching on the zips. Coats without fasteners, which are particularly suitable in the warm autumn or the spring, are also very popular at Shoes-World. By combining these coats with different types of clothes, you can create simply stunning styles, and you just need to think about the basic feature of your look – the coat.

Coats with Various Details

Over the past few years, coats that include imitation leather and fake fur collars have been very popular at Shoes-World. It looks like this style of coats will still be fashionable next year, so these coat models may be one of the best-sellers in your shop. If you are looking for coats for trade purposes, you can choose to sort the coats according to the most popular items, and in this way you can quickly see which coats are the most marketable on the Shoes-World website. This can help you to decide what coats could be the most advantageous to purchase if you want to make sure that the coats are sold quickly in your shop.